Video Production Services

SpiralWorld is able to offer you a full video production services for TV or the web. These are the types of productions that we can accomplish.

 Animated Presentations:

The animated video presentations are where you use the graphics and text to introduce a product or service. The videos are a great way to reach and inform their customers to effectively create a point of interest through the video, it means reaching new and potential customers.

Fundamental to the realization of a video presentation that uses as primary means the graphics; they are creating a careful design or a storyboard, so you have very clear what are the guidelines to follow during the making of the video.

The video presentation graphics can take advantage of character animations, cartoons, and graphics. These are animated to create a captivating presentation and pleasant to see, not to mention the clarity of content that you want to expose.

A video presentation is an excellent and valuable marketing tool. The distribution channels can be your own website, YouTube, Facebook or any social channel; more video is widespread and more widespread is its ability to become effective in conveying new customers.


What are the main steps in making an animated presentation?

  • Interview with the client to identify the design guidelines
  • Realization of audio, Narrator.
  • A first graphic proposal for approval by the customer.
  • Complete pre and post-production of the video
  • Delivery of the final video.


Production for the web and YouTube:

The videos made by us can be used for video sharing sites like YouTube. The format in which we make our video fits perfectly well YouTube import standards in order to have the highest quality video. We produce Video for the web to be inserted into your website, optimized to obtain the maximum quality in its resolution and it is loading time so as to minimize the waiting time.


Video Production Services for Tv, Tv commercials:

Our production allows the realization of video advertising, television commercials, with a strong visual impact and entertainment. Our commercials are made with the same software used in movie productions. Our productions are full of special effects that can engage and entertain viewers. In our Video section, you can choose a theme that will be personalized and adapted to customer requirements. The video will be made with the broadcaster's advertising standards where it will be transmitted. The duration of a commercial is to 15 seconds "or 30" or more customizable format. The resolution can be either PAL 720 by 576, HD 1280 x 720 or FULLHD night racing also returns.

Event Video Production Services:

We can produce videos for events in a short time and at very low cost. Promote an event with an integrated mix of special effects, pictures and videos is the winning key to produce a movie Edited to promote events such as:

  • Video production for fairs.
  • Video production for cultural and tourist events.
  • Video production for Realization of commercials.
  • Sporting Events.
  • Promotion and presentation of restaurants, hotels, clubs.
  • Producing films for organizations and Governments


Video production services at low cost. How?

SpiralWorld is an advertising studio that wants to sell their services mainly online, using graphics templates we can make videos with a strong visual impact without long job interviews and lowering production costs. The customer chooses a Video in our gallery, this change with images suitable for advertising message that you want to create. In this way, we can lower production costs and the customer has an original product because packaged and modified according to his directions; In addition, the customer can get an idea of the final result of the work even before its realization.


3d modeling, rendering, and animation for photo Realistic video:

Through the use of 3D technology, we can provide a full-service animation of molded products and render in 3d. The progress of software that allows you to have a photograph of a model in 3d allows us to manufacture products to be inserted into the video. The objects can be animated or static, and you can create products in the field of cosmetics, food, industrial products, packaging, cans, watches, mechanical parts, animation of mechanical processes etc.


How we work and phases of work:

  • The work takes place as follows:
  • Realization of a Storyboard to be submitted to the client.
  • Realization of the text on the basis of the storyboard created.
  • Video footage of the company or of production cycles.
  • Mounting material.
  • Approval of the customer.
  • Final delivery.


Types of work:

In video footage of the types of work that we can make are varied and can be divided into two phases:

  • Construction of external shots of locations and environments for creating commercials or corporate videos.
  • Realization of shooting objects in the studio, small or large products such as cans, bottles, clothes, perfumes, appliances etc.


Use of models, actors or testimonial:

Often for good product videos, you need to use the contribution of testimonial or actors and actresses that are properly the product or company mentioned in the video. This involves a process where you have to arrange in addition to video footage also directed the spoken in harmony with the images. Accompany video shooting with the use of a figure that present the product allows definitely complete a presentation video, corporate video or commercial definitely more captivating and more chances to find traction on the end customer.


Video Production-Stages:

1) Set the budget :

The first step in creating a video production is to set a budget to start. Our services are adapted to every need, you can start from a low-cost economy using our graphics templates or you can request a personalized service by increasing labor costs that will make.

2) Make a preliminary design:

A successful video production involves creating a Storyboard, to plan the realization of events. For tight budgets, you can choose a video model ready by breaking down considerably this first step of production.

3) Studio and Video footage:

The set design and lighting are critical to the realization of a successful and engaging video because they are able to give due to importance to the object or person/actor resumed.

4) Video editing:

The phase of the video editing is certainly one of the most creative moments where it comes to life the result of idea sketched in a first step the storyboard. Here you enter the music, special effects, cuts to make the final video engaging and able to convey to the viewer a proper advertisement of the product or the company.

5) Special effects:

Every type of video need to make images of unique and visually shot that demographic, so it is necessary to add before or after effect a skillful mixture of special effects in transitions and titling. An important step is reserved for the color correction in order to make images of the shot as close as possible to the color depth of films.

6) Music:

The soundtrack enhances and framing each video giving or increasing the awesomeness of emotions narrated the video. We employ highly professional soundtracks created by composers who have been working for decades in the music industry.

7) Customer approval:

Last but not least is the consent by the customer.

This is the premise for the creation of a professional video production that satisfies the needs of the company who commissioned the work.


Audio Production


SpiralWorld has well-established collaboration with the best speakers, actors, and singers of the Bangladeshi and foreign panorama, we can offer you a highly professional audio production, for the creation of jingles, commercials and corporate video creation.

How we work

In many of our productions, it is necessary to increase the effectiveness of the video to insert an audio recording that explains the images that are displayed. Many times the video is made upstream and before the actual production of the video. The operating mode that we adopt in the realization of the speaker's voice is the following:

we write a text suitable to promote the product or service which submit to the customer, the text made a casting from which the product is chosen the most suitable type of commercials or video is made that you want to accomplish It is realized the audio recording that will be inserted into the video.

Our Speaker

During the making of the video we will advise you the most appropriate entry to your work, alternatively, we can submit in a designated our park entries so that you can listen to all the voices that we put at your disposal.


Making Script for commercial

In making a commercial one of the most important steps is entrusted to our copywriter to create what will be the text that accompanies images of the video. Let's see what the phases of work are when we carry out an advertisement for 30 seconds.

The first step in the realization of an effective text is to collect the information, often disorderly, by the client to realize what will be the final text of our commercials.

Step two: Decide what is the main feature of your company product and the main quality that you want to highlight.

The third stage: once clarified the features of the product features it highlights how the product solves or can serve them to perform their functions. In this phase also it presents the name of the product.

Fourth phase: the last step with which closes the spot is dedicated to “pay off” (the slogan), it highlights the product name also give you useful information on how to get more information about the product, putting the web address, telephone numbers, etc. of the company.


Corporate Videos:

To complete a corporate video is important to highlight the structure, building or corporate Shades, in order to give its customers an overview of the size and geography of the place it is own building. Through the use of drones with SLR cameras can capture videos of corporate structure top view with a cinematic quality film and high levels.

Promotional spots:

Overhead shots may be used in advertising or promotional videos. But also video clips, documentaries, and news. The video for the wedding you can make unique the best day of your life with the use of aerial video images. Inserting overhead shots within the video will give you a special and unique touch to your wedding video.


Promoting tourism and archaeological:

The beauty of the aerial can be exploited in the production of a video to promote the artistic and cultural heritage of your territory: you can achieve amazing aerial views of old buildings, aerial view of villages, house, old establishment, castles, Mosque, churches, temple etc.

Other possible applications in addition to the advertising sector. Our main goal is to use the video shoot with drones multi-copter for the realization of advertising or corporate videos commercials, but their flexibility also makes them useful for other purposes, let's see some.

Protection of Artistic and Cultural Heritage. The multi-copter ability to get as close as possible to an archaeological asset or architectural parts of Mosque, churches or ancient monuments, you can gather information on the state of conservation of archaeological or artistic heritage.

Construction, engineering, and infrastructure:


Quality of filming:

The professional equipment allows making high-quality shots with sharp and stable images. Videos are in FULL HD 1920 x 1080. In detail, we list what is the equipment's used in our shooting.


Video and editing services:

Our company specializes in professional video production, so the service that we offer is not limited to shooting with the drones but we can make a whole movie to promote your business.

Where We Operate:

Our headquarters is located in Bangladesh; we can cover all areas close to our territory, Dhaka and the entire Division like Chittagong, Rajshahi, Barisal & Khulna if you are interested in our service and convenient to do before a telephone interview to determine any costs and expenses.

Compositing of objects:

When you do the shoot becomes difficult to have a background with the same color because the exposure changes from time to time, when doing the editing you notice the separation between light and color a scene, by inserting a virtual background you have instead of the steps are always the same.

Compositing of people:

Video compositing scenes are often required when you frame the actors or a product promoter in the scene. Compositing of 3D scenes with insert people. 3D compositing is useful when you need to create entire scenes in 3d with the inclusion of people within locations.

Our studio is equipped with a room to shoot video in compositing in this way we can provide you with the support you need when your video needs particular scenes as examples on display. For any information or request a quote & contact us. Video production by the 360-degree view of objects rotating platform.

The service of video footage of objects and products on a 360-degree rotating platform consists of sending of the product by the customer and the final delivery of high definition video with a custom background. We make filming in high definition by any object small or large, the videos are shot on Green Screen so that you can isolate the background and customize it with any color.

Video Production Services for Startups:

Do we belong to a youth enterprise that wants to promote your startup innovatively and original and would like to see take off your projects?

What better way than through a promotional video!

If you are looking for experts in this field, we SpiralWorld Video Production company is the best service provider. We offer you our expertise, professionalism and creative studio for creating promotional videos aimed to illustrate your product to the prospective buyer.

Our working strategy aims to identify the target audience and make your product through the promotional video, the more "viral" as possible. The making of a promotional video, allows you to accelerate your project's entry on the market of the business, as it is able to make known your startups, engage and persuade you to buy your product.

For creating original videos, we can use a variety of styles and techniques of realization and the end result is always a strong visual impact, attracting more viewers possible. To publicize your startup, or to explain your project, check out the style that meets the needs of your video and your tastes! You can use the style “of the animation”, colorful, lively and playful; motion graphics style to give dynamism and vigor to your video, or the classic style with video footage and photographs of your product to give a touch more from business, professional and stylish.

Why wait, contact us now for a free quote. The SpiralWorld Video Production company team is always available to answer your request.

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