Automated Build Pipeline

The aim of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) is to enable development teams to frequently deliver working software to users, thereby both delivering value and getting useful feedback on how their product is used in the real world. Many organizations have embraced the DevOps practice as a way to keep up with the competition.
However, the business pressure to deliver faster shouldn’t diminish the quality of what is being produced. After all, your users expect stable and working software, even when they’re clamouring for the next shiny thing. That’s why a reliable and thorough automated testing process that gives you confidence in your latest build is essential to your continuous integration and delivery practice.

For DevOps pipelines to work effectively, there are more things to be done beyond just automation of tests. To make the process seamless and truly automated, we need to establish aprocesses such as:

  • Automatic triggers for the build process
  • Triggers for test execution
  • Generation of reports
  • Success or failure criteria for builds
  • Automatic deployments to various test or production environments and sanity checks.




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