Performance Testing

Why Performance Testing?

The ability to react rapidly, to deal with a major number of synchronous clients, and to stay consistent under various burdens characterizes the level of item execution that impacts client experience and friends notoriety.

Spiral World gives the administrations of execution testing to dispassionately survey the system activity speed, versatility, and security. We check whether system can withstand high loads as it was composed.

By leading execution tests, we don't distinguish bugs, we discover bottlenecks of the system execution before the market discharge.


What we do

  • Load testing to identify execution issues under overwhelming burdens
  • Stress testing to check the system conduct under high movement and information preparing
  • Endurance testing to confirm the system abilities to deal with certain heap amid quite a while
  • Spike testing to screen the system conduct under sudden spikes
  • Volume testing to check the system under various database volumes
  • Scalability testing to check the system abilities to deal with the arranged load increment

When directing diverse sorts of execution testing, we assess system limits of various programming items - basic web and portable applications, lightweight HTML sites, overwhelming systems with JavaScript code, REST API administrations, and so forth.

What bugs we look with

  • Long stack time
  • Performance bottlenecking - CPU/memory/arrange use, OS constraints, and so on.
  • Poor adaptability
  • Long reaction time

How we Test


What we have to begin

  • Access to testing the condition of the application
  • Statistics overall sum and span of client sessions every day/week, reaction time under normal and pinnacle loads
  • User situations to be utilized as a part of contents
  • Particular goals of checking

Tools we utilize

  • In excess of 500 virtual users: Load Runner
  • Under 500 virtual users: JMeter
  • Programming interface running SoapUI test suites: LoadUI
  • Work of UI under extra load: Selenium scripts 
  • Extra client's requirements: Assertions included Meter, Solapur, and SLI in Load Runner contents tg
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