Mobile App Marketing

To push your mobile app to the forefront among scores of existing applications is nothing short of a challenge. Spiral World can downright support you in overcoming overcome the challenge and extending your reach to your target audience with a suite of mobile app marketing services. Our teams of mobile app marketing help right from running a pre-launch campaign and introducing your mobile app in front of thousands of prospects to promoting the app through social media marketing, app reviews and app preview videos.

We provide both iPhone App Marketing and Android App Marketing Services to clients across the globe.

Reach Out to Your Target Audience with Proven Mobile App promotion Strategies from Spiral World

Building a mobile app is just the beginning. The next step is to promote it in front of the right users and increase the number of downloads & installs. Let Spiral World help you do just that! We have a dedicated team of mobile app marketing experts who devise an effective strategy to create a buzz around your app and engage the target audience. As part of our comprehensive range of app marketing services, we perform the following tasks:

Analysis and Market Research

We begin by understanding your target user base, exploring the possible touch points between your app & the audience, and analyzing the competitive mobile app market. We also conduct a thorough audit of your mobile app to evaluate it and suggest improvements. Based on the data gathered through the app and market analysis, we chalk out steps to be taken prior to the launch and conceptualize an effective app marketing campaign to promote it.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Our groups make a point by point versatile application advertising arrange for that incorporates a well-ordered way to deal with dispatch, advance and adapt the application by sketching out the aggressive scene and, clients' profiles and desires and organizing market openings and difficulties.We ensure that the mobile app strategy is in line with your business goals, thus helping you grow your mobile business.

App Marketing

Whether your mobile app is about health, fashion, entertainment, sports, or any other category, we can help you promote it through proven mobile app marketing techniques. We utilize different platforms like social media sites, press releases and videos to promote your app and ensure that they stand out from your competitors'. Our team of marketing professionals follows marketing guidelines of iPhone App Store as well as Google Play Store to help developers in generating awareness for their products across both the platforms, iOS, and Android. Our mobile app marketing techniques include social media marketing, press releases, app reviews and app preview reviews, as discussed below:

Social Media Marketing

With studies suggesting that social networking platforms are the most effective mobile app marketing channel for user quality, conversions & install volume, social media marketing cannot be left behind. We leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and several others to showcase your mobile app in front of your existing and potential audience and keep them engaged. Our dedicated social media marketing teams conduct a thorough analysis of your app to target the user base across the right social networks and use effective marketing tools to boost awareness of your app.

We keep your social media accounts updated with engaging posts, enticing app images and screenshots, interactive postings and social bookmarking.

Press Releases

Publishing press releases is one of the most crucial steps to create an effective public relations strategy and present your message to the target audience. We have a team of expert copywriters who create to-the-point, pithy and precise content for press releases to be distributed across publishing sites. We plan a press release prior to the app launch, post app launch as well as when the app is updated with a new feature, thereby helping you generate awareness and achieve maximum reach.

App Reviews

While your customers are reviewing your mobile app, we can help you engage them through powerful, high-impact app reviews. Our team of copywriters creates concise reviews with all the relevant details and publish them across hundreds of app review sites to drive increased traffic for your mobile app. If required, we can also reach real users of your app and convince them to share ratings and reviews.

App Preview Videos

While an image can paint a thousand words, a video showing your app in action can convince the viewer to take the desired step – download & install the app. We can create app preview videos with attractive graphics, visuals & transitions, interesting content, and audio, thus highlighting all the features of the app and conveying its use.

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