Test Data Management

IT enterprises spend 35% of their time & effort in resolving issues related to managing test data, along with high test environment Capital Expenditure & support costs due to data size as much as the production. While there is a lack of defined consistent & repeatable process to provide test data that is ’fit for purpose’ and offers increased test coverage, enterprises that use live data for testing expose themselves to compliance, regulatory, & customer confidence risks:

  • 74% of DBA’s can view all data, increasing the risk of a breach
  • 55% say data has been compromised or stolen by a malicious insider such as a
    privileged user

The key industry drivers of Test data management, thus are:

  • Managing test data requests
  • Data privacy, threats, and breaches
  • Cost of data storage
  • Data standardization and synchronization
  • Regulations and compliance


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