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  • 200+ countries
  • 19 languages

Over 45% of B2B marketers have been successful in generating B2B leads via LinkedIn and it has proven to be 277% more effective when compared to Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn boasts off as the world's largest online network for professionals. However, unlike other popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, its main objective has always been to connect professionals and facilitate the exchange of business ideas, developments, etc. LinkedIn provides a great opportunity for highly targeted Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns that cut down the cost of paid sponsors due to inexpensive Cost per Click (CPC) available on the LinkedIn network.

Make the most of your LinkedIn online presence

Spiral World provides assistance to businesses to build their LinkedIn network, share ideas, post jobs, create and be part of groups so as to reach to a wider audience base. Our team of experts can guide you and provide you with valuable inputs such as finding free leads and lot more. We can help drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile and website through our PPC marketing services.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Services includes:-

  • LinkedIn Profile Completion

Complete LinkedIn profiles are 40 times more likely to generate leads. We have a team of experienced professionals who after reviewing your profile can help you complete it with all the relevant information and accurate keywords so that your profile is visible on LinkedIn search results.

  • LinkedIn Regular Content Updates

Over 70% of B2B marketers currently use content marketing as an effective tool to generate business leads. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who can assist you in regularly publishing engaging content that appeals to the target audience. We keep your LinkedIn profile updated with latest news and updates related to your business, which can help you to attract potential clients.

  • LinkedIn network management

We will help you connect with potential clients on LinkedIn. Our professionals are adept at scanning through messages and contacts to reveal serious business prospects and clients. We can also provide assistance in managing your email marketing campaigns effectively.

  • LinkedIn Company profile Page Management

A LinkedIn company profile page is different from an individual’s profile page. We can help you create and manage SEO optimized LinkedIn company page that can boost the visibility of your businesses.

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