SEO Management

Once audits are completed, we embark on rolling monthly campaign management. This will focus towards off-site activity (authority optimization), and on-site technical and content support.

Authority optimization

To enhance the authority of your domain and your pages, we will consult and advise on the production of content that will naturally create attention, engagement, and advocacy. This relates closely to both the Panda Update and the overall direction of natural search algorithms; we will work to create content that has the ‘Wow' factor e.g.:

  • Product reviews and comparisons.
  • Buyer’s guides for selecting products.
  • Information on why your product is better
  • Opinion pieces and commentary
  • Tools, e.g. calculators and checklists can be used for both consumer and business sites.
  • Up-to-date information, views or news about a topic.
  • Tips and Videos.

We will also ensure that all on-site content can leverage SEO by use of likes, +1s etc.

Content / technical support

Once the SEO audit stages are complete, campaign momentum and progress is maintained by the delivery of regular technical and content support. This on-going consultancy phase is usually made up of the following activity:

  • Project management and technical support during implementation of recommendations from the SEO technical audit.
  • On-going recommendations for existing and new content.
  • Support Marketing Plan and PR activity improving the visibility of activity in the search engines' results.
  • Recommendations and support to exploit changes in the search algorithm. Including the identification of new opportunities for the website content plan.

Ongoing keyword research - identifying the available search volume in the search space in line with changing marketplace and searcher behavior.

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