Artificial Intelligence Testing

Spiral World’s extensive experience in the use of AI, ML, Deep Learning, & analytics helps enterprises improve their automation frameworks & QA practices. Spiral World provides AI/ML, Deep Learning-led testing and performance engineering services for your QA framework through implementation of its next gen IP.

       o Defect Analytics

  • Use of AI-based Sentiment Analytics:
  • Spiral World Enterprise Sentiment Analyzer AI-tool to find, categorize, and distribute the overall sentiment of a conversation (Positive, Negative,Neutral) for better decision making
  • Real time Dashboard & AI-based Predictive Analytics:
  • Analytics-driven workload modelling for defect prediction, code coverage, response time, & scalability prediction

    o Performance Engineering approach

  • ML, Deep Learning-based analytics driven Performance Predictions: Workload modeling & response times

  o Regression Optimization

  • Automated collation of the dependent test cases/scripts-based on the changes:Spiral World Impact Analyzer – solution for test suite impact analysis during Change Requests, Patches, & upgrades
  • Automated prioritization of test cases/scripts-based on Machine learning




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